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The truffles and winter markets of Dordogne

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Winter is back, along with some nice suprises in Dordogne... Here come the time for the markets "au gras" and "a la truffe", where local farmers sell duck, geese, their cooking fat and of course the famous foie gras and the black truffles.

There, folklore and tradition blend with gastronomy, a perfect excuse to a winter escapade to discover Dordogne’s famed culinary treasures.

Around our gites, here are the main ones:
- Mondays in Ste Alvère
- Saturdays in Sarlat or in Périgueux
- Thursdays in Excideuil ou à Terrasson

On those local markets, you will find fresh products, controlled, checked and certified by the national veterinary and hyginene services. The sellers are always happy to share their favourites recipes with you!

If you want to know more about the «black gold of the Perigord», don’t forget to visit the truffle museum in Sorgues.

See you soon in Dordogne!!!